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Custom designed micronutrient

Custom designed chelated micronutrient

In case the need for micronutrient does not match the content of  MINOMIT® or MIKRONIT® (not DK), Interfiller are able to design a complete chelated micronutrient with HEDTA, EDTA or DTPA as chelating agent for your individual need.

We will need following information:

Possibility A:
A 1) – desired content of micronutrients

Possibility B:
B 1) – Which kind of micro commodities are present used
B 2) – How much of each
B 3) – How big are the mixing
B 4) – which dosage/dilution is present used

Having these information, we are able to produce your individual mixing, delivered only 10 days later at your residence.


  • The micronutrition is individuelle produced to your own horticulture.
  • Heavy metals are full chelated
  • The microbalance is in excess of chelate
  • Only a commodity balance (thereby reducing the risk of mistakes)
  • Time saving in mixing space (less balancing – no resolution of salts)
  • Easier stock monitoring ( 1 raw material)
  • Easier purchasing( 1 raw material)
  • Better space in where you mix your raw materials
  • No damp bags
  • No lumpy raw materials
  • Might be delivered offset – time saving since this way you can just use a certain amount of cans per mix

PS: In need of help with you prescription, – Click: How to use the tables, Prescription help, Direction Prescription or contact us directly.

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