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Indicative Prescriptions

3 alike mixing vessels each on 1000 liter are used

Mixing vessel in acid Nitric acid 62% approx. 25 L.
Water for 1000 L.


The amount of Nitric acid decides the alkalinity of the water. By pH control pH 5,5 – 6,0

Mixing vessel II Calcium nitrate Calcium nitrate 60 kg.
Fosmagnit 25 L.
Water 1000 L.


Mixing vessel III Kalisalpeter Potassium nitrate 50 kg.
Magnesium sulfate 15 kg.
Minomit/Mikronit 10 L.
Water 1000 L.


By adjusting the mixture in all mixing vessels and thereby used equal amount in each vessel, you will visually be able to see the the pumps are running properly
By dilution 1:100 becomes the guide number: the guide number of the water+ 1,4 mS/cm. and the water is added as follows:

N 212 ppm
P 44 ppm
K 192 ppm
Ca 120 ppm
Mg 30 ppm
S 20 ppm
Fe 2,0 ppm
Mn 1,1 ppm
Zn 0,30 ppm
Cu 0,10 ppm
B 0,33 ppm
Mo 0,025 ppm

Above is just a normative, since e.g. there will be a different in the prescription for cucumbers and tomatoes whether this is before or during harvest.

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