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contract filling

contract filling

Interfiller A/S is a chemical technical company, which since 1971 has specializes in contract filling.

We offers production, blending, filling, labeling and packing of cosmetic and chemical technical products of non food character.

We specialize in niche production.

Our production facilities also include a full equipped laboratory, which can assist in developing new products. At Interfiller, we aim to work in close cooperation with our suppliers, partners and customers to provide innovative solutions for all our target markets. High quality products and customer focus are our main priority. The Interfiller business has been built up over 40 years and now holds a prominent position within the market.


Interfillers workspaces

Production of cosmetic products:
Creams, ointments, gel, lotion and various shampoo products.

Production of chemical, technical products:
Detergents, disinfectants, plant protection products, fertilizer products, poles, pads and care products, as well as adhesives and pastes.

In batch sizes from 5L. to 5000L.

Filling, labeling and packing:
In different packing from 1ml. to 1000L.

With Interfiller as a partner, we can also provide distribution of products manufactured and thus acts as satellite storage.


3 kinds of contact filling

Complete: 1) The customer delivers all material.

Partly: 2) Both customer and Interfiller deliver material for the production.

Single: 3) Interfiller delivers all material.

Since Interfiller manufacturer many custom made and specialized products for different companies, all production and paperwork are naturally treated strictly confidential.

Contact us for a non-binding offer for your next task.

See exampels of our packing solutions here:

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