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Funny Package tasks

  Funny Package tasks   Did you know that Interfiller also produce, fill and pack both large and small amounts for our customers! Lately we have helped a newly established company producing af very exiting sales kit –  – Whiteboard painting –  which can be painted on all surfaces and subsequently work as an “old-fashioned” […]

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Project GWR 18

Danes want to beat the world record within wheat return. A team of professional plant specialists have decided to beat the world record within wheat return, and Interfiller is one of them. The current record says 16,791 tons per hectare and is comes from New Zealand. The team behind the project have chosen to call […]

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New tube filling machine extend capacity !

Did you know that Interfiller also manage all sorts of contract filling ! Having just expanded our machinery with a brand new tube filling machine, we are now able to fill all sorts of tubes in the sizes 19 to 35 mm. New shape tools for other format types can be produced prior to request. […]

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Fosomin 4-1-3+Mg+S

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Interfiller’s buffer stock on Funen

A new buffer stock, for Jutlanders and Funens in use of urgent use of products that can’t wait for 2 days direct delivery, has now been established. The stock will consists of most common and used products. Call our agricultural technician Ulrik Pers Madsen on phone + 45 31 19 92 66 and at least […]

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New remedy for boron products. Avoid precipitation by tank mix and save an extra run. Bor Additiv acts as a buffer and lowers the pH from pH 8-9 to pH 5-6 in the pesticide when BorSupport 150F is used. . Bor Additiv facilitates ride with  BorSupport 150F and ManganSupport 235 at the same time, and without […]

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New employee

Ulrik  Pers Madsen – Product consultant, Ulrik has a wide agricultural education as a agricultural technician with kommer med en bred landbrugsmæssig uddannelse og er uddannet jordbrugsteknolog specialized within plants and micronutrients. . Ulrik lives in Vester Skerninge in Funen, from where he will manage our Funen stock of micronutrient etc. He will also be able […]

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