Hydrous dissolution of potassium for plants. Potassium is liquid and thus easy to use for plants.

KaliumSupport 360  comes without chlorides, sulphates, nitrates and ammonium nitrogen.


Potassium           (K)          360 g/l  

Nitrogen(amin)     (N)           42 g/l     

Data: ________________________

pH-concentrate                         12,0

Min. storage temperature            10 C°

Density                                      1,4 kg/l


To avoid sediments in the mixing tank and to lower pH, PotassiumSupport 360 must only be used with KS activator relative to 1 liter KS-activator per 2 liter PotassiumSupport 360.

PotassiumSupport 360 is not to mixed with acidic products.

Dossage: (max 2,0 liter/ha).

As bottom fertilization on the basis of observed requirement.

Often used for potatoes.

Mix. ex.: 100 Liter water

  • 1 Liter KS-Aktivator
  • 2 Liter PotassiumSupport 360
  • 0,1 Liter Support Super-ADD

pH on this mixture will approx. 6,5


PotassiumSupport 360 is delivered in cans of 20 liter and always together with KS-Altivator in 10 liters cans.


PotassiumSupport 360 produced by order, thus calculate approx. 1 weeks delivery time.