Hydrous solution of micronutrient for rape. Heavy metals are all chelated and thus easily accessible for plants.

Content: Data: Data:
Iron (Fe) 20 g/l Chelated pH concentrate 7
Manganese (Mn) 10 g/l Chelated Min. storage temperature 5°C
Copper (Cu) 2 g/l Chelated Density Appr 1,2 kg/L.
Boron (B) 9 g/l
Molybdanium (Mo) 0,8 g/l



Miscible with most plant protection agents and liquid fertilisers. By doubt mix a trial mixture in a small dispenser.

Dose: (max 2,5 L./ha per drive).
Best result is obtained by adding MikroSupport® Rape with every drive.Thus a continuous supply of micronutrient is ensured, which will maintain the balance in the plant as well as secure the nitrogen absorption.


Fall Spring/Summer
Rape 2-3 L./Ha 4-6 L./Ha



MikroSupport® Rape is chelated. This means that MikroSupport® Rape is not able to respond with negative loaded eath particles .and thus do no form  heavy decomposable substance. MikroSupport® Rape can be used directly on soil before or after soil treatment.

Mix MikroSupport® Rape with foliar application to obtain the fatest absorption. Use the utter best wetting agent, Support Super-ADD, which will assist to spread the liquid to the entire plant, also on the back of the leaves, where the absorbtion is highest. You can easily start when the plants are small. What hits the soil is not wasted.

MikroSupport® Rape for pure soil treatment:
Remember Support Kip-R    0,2 – 0,4 L./Ha (See product info Support Kip-R).

MikroSupport® Rape for foliar application:
Remember Support Super-ADD 0,1 liter per 100 liter water
(See product info Support Super-ADD)
MikroSupport® Rape can be delivered in cans of 20 liter or IBC’s 600 liter or 1000 liter.
MikroSupport®Rape can be collected at  Interfiller A/S Køge by previous agreement.
Monday-Thursday 7:00 – 15:00 Friday 7:00 – 11:30
MikroSupport® Rape can be delivered on transport tours (See transport directory ) Order min. 2 days before tour day.