Danes want to beat the world record within wheat return.
A team of professional plant specialists have decided to beat the world record within wheat return, and Interfiller is one of them. The current record says 16,791 tons per hectare and is comes from New Zealand. The team behind the project have chosen to call the experiment ’Project GWR 18’. GWR stands for Guinness World Records and 18 is the year and the object of the dividend.

In order for at potential record to be valid, it have to be reported to the Guinness World Records (GWR). The area must be at least 8 hectare and weighing must be approved controlled weight. The project is reported to GWR and can thus be put into operation this fall. Promotor and coordinator, Vagn Lundsteen, AgroBalance says ”To beat the world record demands that all factor work out all right. There is only a small chance to reach the goal, but we will chase it. We have one of the worlds best climate for wheat cultivation. This is something we have forgotten during a generation af limits and dejection. We would like to prove that we have the conditions and the knowledge to gain the world record”.

The project is continuously updated and can be followed on Facebook under the same name.