Boron Additive is a complex bound hydrous buffer dissolution, especially produced for Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F. Boron Additive ensures a inproved buffer mixture and a pH reduction in the spray liquid, when foliar application with Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F.

Boron Additive enables foliar application simultaneous drive with Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F and Manganese Support / ManganSupport® 235 without sediment of heavy dissolution manganses borate in the tank.


General qualities:

Mild foaming additive for  Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F, which ensures a pH-reduction in mixtures, which contains Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F.


Organic acid, Oxo-alcohol polyglycolether and glycoles


pH concentrate 1,5               Vf. 1,3 kg/liter


Boron Additive is absolute miscible, however must be added at first component in the water in the sprayer before Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F.


Boron Additive must be dosed in proportion to Boron Support / BorSupport® 150F. The amount of water per ha is only of slight significance.

½ L. Boron Additive per 1 liter Boron Support® 150F.  pH = 6 in the spray liquid

1 L. Boron Additive per 2 liter Boron Support® 150F.  pH = 6 in the spray liquid.

Boron Additive only to be applied together with Boron Support® 150F  and only in the correct proportion.

Boron Additive to be added in the tank during stirring, when at least  ¾  full.  Not until then add
Boron Support® 150F and then Micro Support product, chemistry and Support Super-ADD.

Distribution during steady stirring.

Use safety glasses and gloves .


In hermetic packaging to avoid evaporation and og crystallisation and min. by +5 °C.

Boron Additive can be delivered in cans of 20 liter or IBC’s of  600 or 1000 Liter.

Boron Additive can be ordered directly at Interfiller A/S Køge

Boron Additive can be collected at Interfiller A/S Køge by previous agreement.
Monday-Thursday 7:00 – 15:00 Friday 7:00 – 11:30
Boron Additive can be delivered on transport tours (See transport directory ) Order min. 2 days before tour day.